Brexit- Keep calm, sit tight ............ is that the best we can do?


16th July 2016

Brexit- Keep calm, sit tight … that the best we can do?  

Now more than ever we need great leaders and managers to meet people where they are and to prevent the potentially negative impact post Brexit may have on motivation and on productivity

The referendum has split families, friends and workforces. The outcome has left some of our colleagues celebrating the dawn of a new era while others particularly young people, are genuinely dismayed about the future.

The current uncertainty as the exit process unfolds will impact on us all: organisations will be more cautious perhaps delaying decisions which incur cost and a close eye will be kept on budgets particularly headcount. This will result in increased job insecurity and opportunities for development and progression may reduce as headcount freezes take effect.

So what initiatives can leaders and managers take to stem the insecurity and prepare for the changes that inevitably lie ahead? 


Make yourself heard: on migrant labour, on access to the single market, on which European regulations are and aren’t good for your business and which other parts of the world you most want to do business with, it’s time to speak up and speak out to shape your future.   Find out what channels are available to you and make your voice heard.

Safeguard your existing EU workers: while it’s business as usual now and for two years once the exit process is triggered, you can provide support to your EU workers now. Find out what their concerns are and how they think you could help. Work with them to investigate their immigration status/options open to them and their potential eligibility for Permanent Residence (applicable to those who have or during the transition period will have worked 5 or more years in the UK).

Plan for the future and consider your future manpower needs: if you are in a perceived higher risk sector (financial services, care homes, hospitality, retail, engineering and construction) you may want to undertake a fresh audit of current employees’ visa status and consider your future resourcing plans.  Where skill gaps have been bridged by EC recruitment it may be time to develop contingency plans. In future you may not have access to the same talent pool and lead times will inevitably lengthen for EC hires.

Stabilise and energise your workforce: leaders and managers set the tone. More than ever we need positive and effective line managers listening to staff and responding to their concerns. At the same time leaderships needs to be from the front - reinforcing the positives, providing clarity of direction and communicating what you’re doing to mitigate risk and to capitalise on the opportunities created.  It’s behaviour like this which will maintain your employees’ confidence in your business and in their future and prevent the negativity creeping in which drags down performance.

At TLH we can help you by supporting you to develop your resourcing plan, to optimise productivity by turning potential negatives into positives and to strengthen your managers capability to lead their teams and to manage change. Invest in your people to bring out the best in your business.

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